📧 AI Winter is Upon Us – Don’t get discouraged… | 06.13.2024

HI THERE, ED HERE Brace yourselves — the AI hype cycle is reaching its peak, and the inevitable “winter” of disillusionment looms on the horizon.

As the limitations and challenges of artificial intelligence are scrutinized, it’s tempting to join the naysayers’ chorus.

But as project managers, we know that navigating uncertainty is par for the course.

Our role demands that we see past the hype, roll up our sleeves, and harness the potential of emerging technologies to drive real results.

In the typical hype cycle of emerging technologies, initial excitement gives way to disillusionment as limitations and challenges come to light.

I’ve noticed an increase in the number of articles of that type lately.

It’s disheartening but expected.

While “Monday morning quarterbacks” may be quick to point out flaws, we must approach AI as a tool with immense potential to transform how we work.

Consider these key points: 🌱 A.I. is still in its early stages, with room for rapid advancement

💰 Tech giants, like Apple , are investing billions in AI R&D, betting big on its future

🔮 Some experts predict Artificial General Intelligence (AGI) in as little as 4-8 years

🏢 Enterprises are shifting from theoretical exploration to practical application.

So, what does this mean for you as a project manager?

Now is the time to:

Educate yourself on A.I. fundamentals and emerging use cases.

Identify opportunities to pilot A.I. tools in your projects.

Foster a culture of innovation and experimentation on your team.

Stay attuned to both the potential and limitations of A.I. tech.

Position yourself as an AI-fluent leader in your organization.

The path forward won’t be without obstacles, but project managers who proactively engage with A.I. will be well-positioned to ride out any “winter” and emerge as leaders in the new era of work.

Let’s learn together.


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THINGS I FOUND VALUABLE THIS WEEK Get and stay educated on the fundamentals of AI from leading institutions. I’ve compiled a list of mostly free courses for you to sharpen your AI skills.

I recently started to really get the hang of using Notion as a project management tool. It can be intimidating at first, but once you get a feel for it, boy is it powerful. And their AI features are awesome.

AI FOR PM USE CASE STAKEHOLDER SENTIMENT ANALYSIS One powerful technique is sentiment analysis, which helps you gauge your team’s and stakeholders’ emotional state by analyzing text data. Here’s a quick guide to getting started:




1 (Note: this can also be done with ChatGPT or Claude, but a dedicated tool might give better results)

Choose a sentiment analysis tool that integrates with your project management software.

Seamless integration with existing workflow.


Define data sources (e.g., emails, chat logs, feedback forms) to analyze.

Comprehensive analysis of relevant data.


(Optional: can be done manually)

Establish a data pipeline to feed text data into the sentiment analysis tool.

Automated data processing for efficient analysis.


(Optional: but can make the analysis more accurate)

Train the AI model using a labeled dataset specific to your project domain.

Improved accuracy and relevance of sentiment scores.


Monitor sentiment scores and trends regularly.

Early identification of potential issues.


(Optional: but you know how I love automation!)

Set up alerts for significant changes or low sentiment scores.

Proactive risk management.


Investigate and address identified issues promptly.

Timely resolution of concerns.


Communicate insights with your team and stakeholders openly.

Foster a positive project atmosphere.

Risks to keep in mind:

Privacy concerns: Obtain consent and establish clear policies.

Misinterpretation: Validate model output and maintain human oversight.

Over-reliance: Use sentiment analysis as a complementary tool.

Bias in training data: Ensure diverse and unbiased data.

Resistance to change: Communicate benefits and address concerns transparently.

By implementing sentiment analysis thoughtfully, you can use the power of AI to create a more positive and productive project environment.

OK. That’s all. Talk to you next week.


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