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Hi. I’m Ed.

I’m someone who lives to learn.

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For the TL;DR crowd:

I help empathetic PMO leaders implement AI and automation to 9x the human input of their project management team.

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For the long-form readers:

When I’m not managing large-scale industrial projects as a PM, I advise PMOs on the journey of integrating AI and automation to 9x the human input of project management through empathetic leadership.

I have lived from Sandusky Bay to San Francisco Bay, with a long layover in Chicago, and have had career experiences in food manufacturing, banking, and entrepreneurship. In all of them, I always strive to lead with empathy and innovation.

I strive to find actionable, maintainable ways to live more sustainably and encourage and help others do the same.

My travels have immersed me in cultures that embrace simplicity and a “less-can-be-more” mindset.

I recently authored an eBook, Empathy in the Age of AI: Elevating Project Management, where I talked about the soft skills that will supercharge leaders in the coming AI evolution of project management.

I hold a BS in Finance from Ohio University, Athens. I’ve also pursued several career certificates from Google Courses and Stanford Continuing Studies.

I know I can’t change the world by myself, but if I can be a good example, that’s a pretty good start.

Thanks for reading up until here. You’re amazing!

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